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Dental Hygiene

Preventative treatments such as scale and clean.

Teeth Whitening

Want that movie star smile? We have you covered.


A hollow cap that fits over a specially prepared tooth and if cemented in place


Tiny shells of tooth coloured material that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth.


A titanium screw that is placed in the area that you once had a root portion of a mature tooth


Dental X-rays allow your dentist to see what’s happening below the surface.

Dental Hygiene

At Keilor Downs Dental, we take dental hygiene seriously and see it as an important part of ensuring you have your teeth for life.  Some of our dental hygiene services are listed below.

Dental hygiene diagnostic services include:

·            Evaluation and assessment of your periodontal (gum) tissue

·            Evaluating your risks of severe or even life-threatening disease caused by gum disease

·            Necessary cavity and bone level detecting x-rays

·            Evaluating possible cosmetic enhancements of your smile with special interest in teeth whitening

·            Evaluation causes and recommendations for treatment of any concerns

Dental hygiene preventative services include:

·            Application of fissure sealants (deep grooves or pits in teeth)

·            Cleaning and scaling of teeth to remove all plaque and calculus (tartar build up)

·            Removal of surface stains from your teeth

·            Polishing of your existing gold, silver or composite resin (white filling) fillings or crowns

·            Custom mouthguards

Dental hygiene educational services:

·            Tooth brushing and flossing instructions

·            Personalised oral home care regime with recommendations of the best products to use at home

·            Education about your particular risk factors of oral health problems

The more serious side of poor oral (dental) hygiene

Did you know that dental caries (tooth decay) is a transmissible disease most commonly spread to children by parents and relatives quite innocently?

Did you know that a visit to your dental may save you from having a heart attack or even a stroke?

Did you know that your risk of heart attack or stroke caused by moderate to severe gum disease is twice that of having high cholesterol?

The bacteria that infect your gums in periodontal (gum) disease cause your body to produce C-Reactive Proteins (CRPs).  CRPs are linked to the development of fatty deposits or plaque that line your major blood vessels.  The plaques are apt to break off and be pushed through your arteries until they lodge in and block smaller arteries in your heart, brain or lungs.  The result is a heart attack or stroke.

Moderate to severe periodontal disease is now known to also cause other serious and at time life threatening conditions such as:

·           Diabetes

·           Kidney disease

·           Premature and low birth weight babies

·           Arthritis

·           Infective Endocarditis

·           Increase of breast cancer risk in post-menopausal women

·           Pneumonia and lung disease

·           And is thought to be associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and Osteoporosis.